About us

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We are the Egyptian Company for Marble and Granite. We offer our customers the best types of marble in Egypt. We also can export our products to all over the world. We have the best quality marble, granite and natural stone.

Supplying and installing all types of Egyptian and imported marble and granite, executing the finest designs of floors and walls, entrances, stairs (stairs), columns, carving

Put in your hands twenty years of experience in the field of decorations and designs of marble and granite

All kinds of stones, in addition to the supply and installation of all sizes from government agencies, clubs, villas, private companies, towers and housing units

a high degree of professionalism and quality with a group of the most skilled and best engineers and technicians

Our mission

Provide technical solutions and create additional value in the common interest with our clients.

our vision

We also have machines that specialize in cutting various sizes of projects at the request of engineers, architects and designers. The Egyptian Company for Marble and Granite is the best in price in all its products and always in competition

our services

The company provides the services that its customers need because it meets and exceeds their expectations, and we always strive to achieve first-class quality standards and meet the customers' desires with a high level of accuracy and commitment at competitive prices to reach a high level of quality and work on Increase it to maintain our position in the Egyptian market


We have a designer team to design and create modern and unique designs

AlMasria for Marble and Granite