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 How do I choose the color of kitchen marble?

In order for you to feel comfortable in your kitchen and not get bored or narrow, the colors of the walls and floors should be calm and cheerful, so if you are moving to a new house, or you want to renovate your kitchen, you need to choose the color of the kitchen marble carefully, so that you can enjoy cooking food .
How to choose the color of kitchen marble
Choosing the color of the kitchen marble depends on the color of the walls and decorations used, and designers always advise to make a contrast to show the beauty of a kitchen.
For example, if the walls are light in color, such as white or beige, it is better to have a darker color of the floor marble, such as black or brown.
If you are a fan of diversity and difference, you can choose marble that has shades of colors, it adds an elegant and luxurious touch to your kitchen, draws attention to it, and gives you a lively look.
What is the right color for the kitchen?
With regard to kitchen marble colors, the Egyptian Company for Marble and Granite team advises the following:
• For floors, stay away from dark colors or full of patterns because they make you feel that the kitchen is small in space.
• It is preferable that one side of the walls be made of engraved marble, while the other walls are of plain marble.
• The best marble colors for kitchens are cream, gray and black.
• Choose a marble color that differs from the color of the kitchen so that it is not traditional and devoid of variety.
• Marble in a wooden color similar to parquet is one of the best and most wonderful options that you can resort to, especially as it matches all the colors of the walls.
Our mission at the Egyptian Company for Marble and Granite is to provide the best solutions and options for you to get a marble color that harmonizes with your kitchen and highlights your upscale lifestyle. Contacting us is the first step to getting a unique kitchen.
Is the white color in the kitchen marble not practical?
Many designers warn against using the white color in kitchen walls or floors, although it gives a noticeable expansion to the kitchen space, but it may require constant cleaning, which causes fatigue and inconvenience. Let's discover together is the white color in kitchens not practical? Or you can count on it.
The advantages of white marble kitchens
• White kitchen marble has some features that may be essential for some people, namely:
• It feels spacious and has a large kitchen space.
• Adds elegance and luxury to your kitchen.
• It gives calm and comfort, especially if it is free of drawings and inscriptions.
Disadvantages of white marble kitchens
Here are some of the most prominent disadvantages that make you rethink the use of white in kitchen floors or walls:
• The appearance of stains and dust easily on the marble.
• The need for daily cleaning.
• Any cracks or scratches appear visible on the surface of the marble.
• Not suitable for large kitchens that receive a large amount of light.
What is the best company to supply and install marble and granite?
We at the Egyptian Company for Marble and Granite are proud of installing the finest types of marble and exporting it to various countries of the world, and we are distinguished by the following:
• We own the best quality Egyptian and imported granite and marble.
• We have a team specialized in providing the finest designs for walls and floors.
• Experience of more than 25 years in the field of design and decoration in marble and granite.
• We follow the highest standards of professionalism and professionalism because we have the best technicians and engineers.
• We can install marble suitable for all sizes and rooms.
• We carry out marble design and finishing works for villas, clubs and government agencies.
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The best types of marble for kitchens in Egypt for the year 2022
Are you looking for the best types of marble for kitchens? Marble is one of the most beautiful stones that can be used to give a modern and charming touch to kitchens, whether it is placed in the floors, or used to design the kitchen built into the wall.
Not only is the color of the marble the main criterion for determining the most suitable for your kitchen, the type also plays a big role in the quality and luxury you get.
When comparing the types of marble available for your kitchen design, it is preferable to choose the type that withstands water and shocks, because it will last you for many years.
What are the best types of marble kitchens in Egypt?
Here is a list of 5 of the finest types of marble that suit your kitchen:
One of the finest types of marble in Egypt, perfectly suitable for kitchen floors, and is characterized by its simple colors that give you wonderful harmony and flow.
It is the best and most suitable for kitchens because it is not damaged by water, and it can be used for walls or floors, and it reflects light in a charming way.
One of the most expensive types of natural marble that is professionally polished to give you a great look, and is widely used in kitchen floors.
Trieste Beige
It is distinguished by its various attractive designs that suit different tastes, and it is one of the finest types of marble in Egypt, and it can be used in villas' kitchens, to give a charming touch.
majesty los
One of the finest types of Egyptian marble, and is designated for export to many countries, because of its wonderful appearance and excellent quality.
Golden Sina
It is a marble distinguished by its golden color, and it is decorated with gradient waves, and it is considered one of the best types of marble in the world.
The Egyptian Company for Marble and Granite has the best types of marble used in kitchen design. All you have to do is contact us, and a specialized team will respond to all your inquiries about prices and materials.
What is the best type of marble?
Marble is one of the most beautiful natural rocks that can be used to cover floors or walls, and is also used in the manufacture of some furniture.
Marble is characterized by its many colors and types, to find yourself in front of a wonderful bouquet of colors that you can choose what suits your own taste.
If you want to add elegance and sophistication to your home, get to know with us a group of the most famous types of marble, and the color that characterizes each type.
Carrara marble
One of the most widely used types in bathroom floors, it is the best marble for the kitchen, and it also fits all rooms of the house, and is characterized by its white color, which gives you a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness.
marina marble
It is used in spacious homes or villas, and it is one of the most expensive types of marble, and it is well suited if you want to have an elegant black marble kitchen.
emperador marble
It is characterized by a wonderful brown color, and it needs a strong light source to highlight its beauty, and it is one of the practical options for various types of floors.
Rosso Levanto marble
Mixing red, orange and brown, and interspersed with some white threads, it is suitable as a practical and simple natural kitchen marble.
Amarillo marble
It is an elegant type of marble that is distinguished by its golden color, and gives a special charm to the rooms in which it is used.
Galaxy Marble
One of the rare types of marble, it gives a calm and elegant touch to the house, and it comes in a wonderful green color.
What is the best company to install and supply marble?
We at the Egyptian Company for Marble and Granite offer all our customers the best types of marble, whether Egyptian or imported, and implement the finest designs for homes, villas and institutions of all kinds.
"Al Masria" has an experience of up to 25 years in the implementation of all decorations made of marble, at the best prices, and we also have a customer service that works around the clock to meet all your desires.
Important tips for cleaning marble and granite kitchens
Cleaning kitchens made of marble and granite should be done periodically, using detergents that do not cause damage, while staying away from caustic materials that cause cracks in the marble, and leave the colors faded.
Here are some important tips that should be followed to clean marble or granite kitchens, which help you maintain the quality, color and luster of walls and floors for as long as possible:
• Use a piece of cloth to clean the stains after placing them in soap mixed with warm water.
• After removing stains or dirt completely, use a piece of cloth to dry the marble, and do not leave it wet.
• Marble is one of the stones that needs special care when dealing with it. It is not permissible to rub it using a brush or other tools that cause abrasion of the surface.
• Avoid using vinegar to clean marble surfaces, because over time it causes fading of colors because it is an acidic substance.
• It is best to use a polisher for marble to give an aesthetic touch to its outer surface.
• You can use baking soda to remove stubborn stains, by placing it on the spots, leaving it a little, and then cleaning the marble with warm water.
What materials should not be used to clean marble or granite?
There are some cleaners that are cautioned to be used in cleaning and polishing marble and granite, because they cause severe damage that may not prompt you to change the entire marble, most notably:
• Chlorine.
• Flash.
• Lemon salt or vinegar.
"Al Masreya" company offers all technical solutions to repair marble and granite or replace it with better and more quality materials. Contact us now and get special prices that you will not find anywhere else.
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